Simple Fixes for Back & Neck Pain

‘Becoming the Shape of the Chair You Sit In and Other Stories’ is a fun and informative handbook for repairs and maintenance of the spine with tips for all ages - for those who want to take control, learn how to reduce ongoing pain and improve capacity for every day activities.

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“In my practice I never used to see clients under the age of 20 with spinal pain and headaches. It is becoming all too common now, a direct effect of the positions teenagers take up regularly with their electronic gadgets and gaming programs.” (page 37)
No Bananas! Simple Fixes for Back and Neck Pain
“In my daily life as a physiotherapist, miracles happen all the time. Back and neck pain disappear sometimes after half a lifetime of pain. When I show people the connections in their lives to their symptoms, a light goes on and the pain reduces or disappears, sometimes instantly. This is what keeps me excited about my work.” (page 43)

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Fix the problem, not just the symptoms

You will get the stories, the science and the solutions to back and neck pain in simple language, illustrations and practical ideas. It's pain-free on a budget and could be the miracle you have been waiting for, with little tips that help you to make good choices to reduce pain.

Parents - guide your children to better posture and habits while they are young.

Adults - adjust your lifestyle and work place over time to prevent the body aging poorly.

Older people - it is never too late to change the little things that will give you a more comfortable night’s sleep.

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